Services in the following areas of law:

  • - Corporate law
  • - Civil and criminal law
  • - Legal interpreting

Corporate law

Doing business in Mexico requires that various legal documents, many of which include concepts that are foreign to business people from the United States and other countries, be executed.

Having an accurate translation of these documents is crucial as errors can result in misunderstandings between parties, difficult negotiations, time wasted, and in the worst of cases, cost large sums of money.

Through my training and experience in legal translation I have gained a broad knowledge of the legal systems in the U.S. and Mexico, as well as become familiar with specific documents used and their common translation pitfalls. This allows me to provide you with confidential, professional, and quality translation and interpretation services to ensure that you have the information necessary to make legal decisions affecting your business.


  • - Lease contracts
  • - Bonds
  • - Powers of attorney
  • - Sales contracts
  • - Supply agreements
  • - Confidentiality agreements
  • - Service provider agreements

Civil and criminal law

When dealing with the Mexican or U.S. legal systems it is imperative to be aware of your rights, obligations and the procedures you must follow in order to comply with what is required of you. This can be a confusing and complicated process, which makes it especially important to have quality translation and interpretation services.

As an official translator certified by the Consejo de la Judicatura del Estado de Jalisco (Judiciary Council of the State of Jalisco) I am authorized to provide translation and interpretation services related to civil and criminal cases and documents being submitted to state courts or government entities in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.


  • - Birth certificates
  • - Death certificates
  • - Marriage certificates
  • - Divorce decrees
  • - Trusts
  • - Wills
  • - Witness statements
  • - Sentences and judgments

Legal interpreting

The importance of accurate, confidential, ethical and professional interpreting services in legal settings cannot be taken lightly or underestimated as the consequences of a lack of any of these qualities can have serious consequences.

Having studied court interpreting and based on my experience in legal interpreting, I am able to play an impartial role in accurately communicating the messages exchanged between parties in legal proceedings, working to eliminate the linguistic and cultural misunderstandings that can be problematic in legal settings.


  • - Depositions
  • - Interviews
  • - Client consultations
  • - Expert evaluations (peritajes)


Do you want to study or work in Mexico or the United States? Publish your thesis or academic papers in English? If so, you are going to need professional translation services in order to clearly communicate your intended message to potential employers, schools and publishers. Translating academic documents is more complex than it may seem due to the differences between academic systems and cultures. Many times no direct equivalents exist for courses, job titles or academic concepts, or those that do exist can be misleading or just plain wrong. In addition, many of the formal writing conventions used in Spanish simply do not make sense when translated literally into English.

Even if you read or write in your target language at an intermediate or advanced level, hiring a professional to translate or proofread your documents will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward when applying for jobs, to schools, or in looking to spread your specialized academic knowledge to a wider audience.


  • - Transcripts
  • - Diplomas
  • - Thesis papers
  • - Resumes
  • - Cover letters
  • - Application essays
  • - Revision and proofreading


When doing business in a foreign country we tend to view language as the most difficult barrier to overcome in achieving successful negotiations and establishing positive relationships with counterparts, but it is also important keep in mind that cultural differences can be just as important. Being aware of business etiquette, formalities and customs can all affect the way you are perceived, ultimately having a positive or negative effect on business negotiations.

Due to my understanding of both cultures and their main differences, especially as they relate to business, I can provide you with translation and interpretation services to ensure that your intended message is clearly communicated in both written and face-to-face transactions.

As part of my business interpreting services, I also provide tips and advice on general and business culture that are helpful to keep in mind and ensure that my clients make the best impression possible on their counterparts, avoiding misunderstandings that could hinder their business relationships.


  • - Companion business interpreting
  • - Simultaneous interpreting for conferences, negotiations and presentations
  • - Consecutive interpreting for meetings, audits or interviews
  • - Cultural advice and consulting
  • - Document review and summary
  • - Translation of business correspondence and memos
  • - Translation of presentations
  • - Translation of banking documents


We have all seen the marketing disasters that can occur as a result of poor translations or errors in translation due to the use of machine translation, obliviousness to cultural implications, or literal translations that just don’t make sense. With marketing materials the challenge is to faithfully translate the original message into the target language and culture, which many times requires translating figures of speech, puns, culture-specific terminology and humor.

Using creativity and in-depth cultural knowledge I provide translations of marketing and promotional materials that communicate your message using wording that is natural and culturally appropriate for your target audience.


  • - Websites
  • - Brochures
  • - Press releases

Certified Translations

Are you filing paperwork with government institutions? Trying to get your Mexican visa? Applying for college? Getting married? In each of these cases you will need an official translation of your documents, and in most cases, an apostille from the state or country where they were issued.

As an official translator certified by the Consejo de la Judicatura del Estado de Jalisco (Judiciary Council of the State of Jalisco) I am authorized to provide translations for most official purposes, although you should always ask what type of certification is required as this can vary depending on where you are submitting your documents.


  • - Birth certificates
  • - Death certificates
  • - Marriage certificates
  • - Divorce decrees
  • - Transcripts
  • - Diplomas
  • - Bank statements
  • - Statements of fact