Confidentiality is an important part of my business, but here are some of my clients who have agreed to allow me to share their logos and testimonials.


Adriana Isabel, Muebles Boal

It has been a pleasure to work with Jennifer; she provided excellent quality work in a timely fashion. I would without a doubt recommend her and use her services again for future translation jobs. Thank you!!

Jennifer Bourdua, Averna Technologies

Averna Technologies works with Jennifer on a regular basis for diverse translations. The service is always impeccable, and the translations A1 !Thank you Jennifer!

Rusty Barton, Little Ceasars Pizza Guadalajara

I have worked with Jennifer on multiple projects over the past three years with respect to real time translation and Spanish to English translation of key documents, such as various legal documents, Lease Agreements, Letters of Understanding and Letters of Intent, etc.

Jennifer has always responded promptly with a great attitude and excellent results.

Not only is she a great interpreter and translator in general, but I have noticed that Jennifer always goes out of her way to get a solid understanding of the context of any topic she is called upon to translate. She has also taken many courses associated with legal translation and has considerable experience translating legal documents.

I have witnessed many native Spanish speakers who otherwise say they speak English light up when they know Jennifer will be involved in a conversation or project. It visibly puts them at ease!

Here's why: I've learned (the hard way) over time that it takes an inordinate amount of energy for most people to communicate in a non-native language, even if they have studied that language and feel somewhat competent speaking that language conversationally.

I mention that because it is a huge source of frustration (for both sides of the conversation), and causes unnecessary frustration, miscommunication and delays. That phenomenon applies even more so with any kind of written communication. Jennifer has eliminated those issues whenever she has been involved.